wood veneer

I think good when we decorate the house with the wood veneer well, I went to my friend’s home around two days ago, they are just decoration end soon, but I work some time ago some busy, no time to see, this world class after a friend invited me to go to her home to go, did not think of is their home decoration style is really great, give people the feeling is very high-end atmospheric grade, I like the most is his home decoration is part of the wood veneer, the wood veneer not only beautiful, but also look at every aspect of quality is also good, so I think our house is going down.

kaohsiung attractions

Company to Taiwan tourism is going to Kaohsiung attractions to play, he asked my colleagues know what Kaohsiung attractions, colleagues said that some local own before go, then choose a few everybody likes to go to where, back home in the evening, I will give my parents about our company to Taiwan. Mother heard things, I want to go to Taiwan to play, you let me come back to her with a delicious back, I know I said I am going to Taiwan mom will let me give her good, after I told Mom I’ll go to the Kaohsiung attractions play thing, long before the mother have told me that she wanted to go to Kaohsiung attractions to play it, I’ll tell mom the next time I will take her to Kaohsiung attractions.



hotel in Taipei

Soon travel to Taipei, and now I feel very excited, long time no family to travel together, and this is a good opportunity. But before going to the hotel first to set a good job, we look at the Internet to find a hotel in Taipei, there have been many hotels, there are also upscale ordinary. I think it finally and family tourism, would enjoy it, so he set up a more upscale hotel, read reviews saying the environment and service is very good, it should be no problem. In the hotel in Taipei hotel above this one be the most cost effective, fortunately we set too early, or may not have.





Ximending boutique hotel

This summer I felt really grown up son, his son this summer to go to Ximending boutique hotel is a part-time job I really did not expect, every time the son of the previous summer, and will play around all day, every day I even people are found, but the son did not think today is just a summer holiday say they want to do it part-time, just started listening to his son said he was going to find a part-time job, and I think his son is definitely a joke, but he really did not expect to do Ximending boutique hotel part-time work, and now there are more than 10 days have gone, and I have seen his son seriously. Of course, I would also like a son to do Ximending boutique hotel work is also very good which is also the son of an exercise.

hualien hotel

The piece went to Taiwan with her husband travel arrangements for her husband early in hualien hotel to hotel, and did not think her husband arranged this hotel pretty good, I especially like, I asked my husband how he knew hualien hotel’s? My husband told me that he had a classmate came to Taiwan with his wife when the honeymoon is in hualien hotel accommodation, the students came back he told him hualien hotel is good, so he put this hotel in hualien hotel arrangements, and heard My husband talked about things, I think my husband is really good, after which her ​​husband in Taiwan tour took me to many interesting places, but also took me to eat a lot of food.

Taipei hotel near mrt

A former colleague said he was now in Taipei it, ask me these days do not have the time, we both play together for dinner, I said okay, I did not ask him something tomorrow, he said he had a job tomorrow morning to do, no matter the afternoon, and I said that I just do the rest tomorrow, when I find him in the past, and then go out together, he told me where he lived it, so I can not remember clearly what I asked him accommodation in Taipei hotel near mrt have those, he took he lived Taipei hotel near mrt give me a moment, just have a direct access to the subway to me, and when I sat directly to the subway, let him When she was the first break, I went to him to call him to pick me up and then down


Early when I heard my mother say is the home of the pot to be changed, but the last time I go back home or some old pot, but the family pot for many years, to change should have been, but I really could not bear, that is the set of pot she had bought out WMF does not. It is very easy to use, if buy, she also want to buy some WMF. Yesterday my friends and we go out around the time in a mall to see the WMF counters, a look into the change is too fast, all kinds of pot, are very advanced, so I went to the home to buy a set of WMF boiler is new.