hotel in Taipei

This is not just attended the college entrance examination, I just think, volunteer also right, now waiting for the admission notice it, might as well find a job outside, to the school time, I go to school go to school is good, also can give his top university of time to earn some pocket money it. Thinking, one of my classmates call me, said hotel in Taipei in hiring, and asked if I wanted to go. I said of course, two people together, have a partner. We go to have a look at the hotel in Taipei, can see the interview. Go after, when we heard a school student, he said let us tomorrow morning to go to work. We are happy.

Taipei Boutique Hotel

You call me to go to Taipei to find a job, but because has not lived so can only go to the hotel, I want him to come and I live here, but I’m here is too small, to help him out of the room at the Taipei Boutique Hotel, just stay for one or two days, after waiting for him to find the house on it. I had previously been strange he should have things arranged over again, but he is always this character, don’t know how to arrange their own things, go to this step also can only go Taipei Boutique Hotel live, fortunately Taipei Boutique Hotel really not wrong, so I think he should the comfortable living.



Taiwan Taipei hotel

All this weekend to Taiwan Taipei hotel to live, I asked why they. A few of them will say Taiwan Taipei Hotel launched a special room, we can look at the Brazil World Cup in the Taiwan Taipei Hotel, because we are in the school to see the word, is not very convenient, so we like these fans, can go to the Taiwan Taipei Hotel, and the room is still very low, everybody is very excited, just Taiwan Taipei Hote is also not far from the school, go ten minutes. I just think, I also like they book a room to watch the World Cup soccer tournament in Brazil, I am looking forward to this weekend. When the time comes, can watch all night, this several days not to see, all fill.

wood panel

Home these days is decoration, I have nothing on what our heart, are the parents hand care, said to let me work on the line, come home from work today, listen to mom and dad said now decoration to half, with the decoration of the wood panel is not enough, the start of the said is enough use, but did not expect, decoration on the wood panel place so much, much more than expected, tomorrow’s parents also have other things to busy, can not attend to buy wood panel thing, I would say that I bought the wood panel to the building materials market, my parents told me that store before buy the address, said let me go directly to his home on the line, he advanced to the somebody else say, I went directly getting goods



five star luxury hotels in berlin

The honeymoon to Germany with her husband, I waited for a long time, finally can go to Germany on their honeymoon, and husband in the evening meal, husband told me he had a honeymoon Hotel arranged in five star luxury hotels in Berlin, asked me what opinion, heard the husband arrangements at the five star luxury hotels in Berlin, I have no opinion, agree that all the husband arrangement, this went to Germany for good fun, take some photographs, then I will give a friend a phone call, tell a friend I want to go to Germany honeymoon thing and my husband, my friends heard that I was going to Germany honeymoon, time let me come back to take her some delicious, I told my friend, I’ll give her good back.

Taipei four star

Take the elevator, friend Xiao Li told me she had a few days to travel to Taipei with her husband, I asked Xiao Li what decided to go to Taipei, Xiao Li said that she is two days before the decision, I asked Li to Taipei tourism hotel is not good, Xiao Li told me she arranged in Taipei four star Xiao Li said, when she went to Taipei is playing in Taipei four star accommodation, say where the environment is good, the service is also very good, listen to Xiao Li said, when, I let Xiao Li went to Taipei to play Caution!, Xiao Li told me she came back, would bring me good come back, hear Xiao Li said so, I said I was looking forward to her for me.



hualien attractions

My aunt asked me to know what Hualien attractions, I will put my understanding of Hualien attractions told the aunt, I finally asked aunt Is it right? Going to travel, young aunt told me, they organized an activity, over time will go to Hualien attractions, so she had to know ahead of time, heard aunt said is going to travel, I let younger sister go to play back to bring me back some good, young aunt said she would bring me, aunt is really very good. After aunt asked me to work smoothly? I told the aunt, I in our company make a good friend, she takes care of me in the work of the special.